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Let's see how I can help make life easier for you and your dog.  
Behavior Modification Counterconditioning and Desensitization

Initial Consult $225    1.5 hours

Follow Ups $120/hr*

*Previous clients are grandfathered in at their regular rate for follow ups with the same dog.

Service includes behavior modification and management suggestions, behavior modification practice in most cases, and review and additional resources sent via e-mail.


•Your home or a public location initially.  Field trips as needed for the modification process.

•Behavior consulting available via zoom for some behavior challenges that occur in the home! Separation anxiety behavior modification is handled mostly remotely because it doesn't help for your dog to have to see me leave, too!

Behavior Modification
Some dogs and their owners need more help.  Behavior Modification is usually different from basic training in that it focuses on changing negative emotions driving the undesirable behavior.  Perhaps your dog barks, straining at the end of his leash when he sees other dogs or skateboards.  He destroys your blinds when people or dogs walk by, or chews the moldings around your windows and doors when he's home alone.  You cannot quite seem to get your dog housetrained. Your dog bit a vistor.  He growls at you when he's eating.  He growls at your husband when your husband tries to get into bed.  You acquired a new dog who is terrified of leashes, cars going by, strangers, beeping noises, being touched, or bigger dogs. Your dog gets carsick on every ride.  Your new dog won't go to the bathroom outside.  Your dog snaps at you you when you try to clip his nails.
These are but some of the issues brought to dog behavior consultants.  There is a lot of information from Dr. Google, Reality TV, and well-meaning friends that can unfortunately dig you and your dog into a deeper hole, so to speak.  Some of these issues can be resolved fairly easily after some good detective work by a trainer.  Most, though, take time and dedication since we are changing a dog's emotional responses--literally changing their brains--for the longterm.  Some behavior, often aggression, can be greatly improved, but we do not consider it "fixed" or "cured." No trainer can honestly make guarantees about a dog's future behavior in the same way we cannot make guarantees about a human's future behavior.  I can help you identify the cause of the behavior, help you read your dog's body language, and teach you how to modify the behavior.  I take a holistic approach in understanding your dog's history, your lifestyle, and your dog's lifestyle to make sure I am correctly identifying the problem and designing a behavior modification plan tailored to be most successful for you and your dog.  Sometimes, with a mix of genetics, lost socialization opportunities, and a dog having practiced the behavior for years, we are swimming against a stronger tide.  It's rare that no improvement can be made, though!  Often, significant improvement is made in your life with your dog; neither of you has to worry so much and you both have more freedom!

Dog Tricks
Real World Dog Training
Mouthy Puppy
All Dog Breeds
Puppy Training


*Previous clients are grandfathered in at their regular rate for training with the same dog.


•Your home or a public location initially.  Field trips as needed for training goals.

•Remote via zoom or video call

Private Good Manners Training
for Puppies and Dogs
Some dog owners prefer one-on-one training in the comfort of their own home, and some dogs do, too!  You will get my undivided attention to answer questions, coach you as you learn to train, and focus on your individual priorities for your dog.  
Examples of what we can work on:
Undesirable Behavior:
Jumping Up                  Mouthing
Chewing                       Housetraining Problems
Barking                         Pulling on leash
Begging                         Stealing Food
Licking                          Eating roadkill, poop, etc.
Digging                         Other destructive behavior
Desirable Behavior:
Attention/Focus                 Wait
Name Response                  Loose Leash Walking
Sit                                        Housetraining
Down (Lie Down)               Come
Trade                                   Leave It
Fetch                                   Go to Your Place/Bed
Tricks                                  Crate Training
Trail Manners
Patio Manners
This can also include getting puppies used to grooming and medical items, and other specific training tasks.

Petsitting & Dog Walking

Petsitting was my first job, at 11, and over 25 years later it is still a favorite! I am dogless right now, so I am currently able to offer overnight care in the pet's home.

$35/30 min visit
$50/hr visit
$135/overnight in pet's home

This can include reactive dog walks with a behavior modification and management plan you already use, but is not day training (a training session) in that I don't provide a training plan or training videos with it.  I do send photos with every service! Reactive dog walks must be an hour visit.

Overnight rate includes daytime let outs, walks, meals, medications that are straightforward (injections extra). I do my admin work, phone, and video appointments from home, so I am at the house a decent amount.  

I don't have a separate overnight rate for multiple animals unless we get out to 5+ or there are farm animals.  Dogs who require more than one get to know you visit prior to petsitting would be at visit rates.  I require more than one get to know you visit for dogs who are not comfortable with strangers coming into their home.   

I am presently only booking a few weeks in advance, so I can be a good option for last minute trips or when your pet care coverage has fallen through.  

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