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Carla Braden, BA, PMCT, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA

A longtime animal lover and shelter animal advocate, Carla Braden began volunteering in animal shelters in 1999.  She holds a bachelor's degree in the Biological Foundations of Animal Behavior from Franklin & Marshall College and is committed to her continuing education, regularly attending animal behavior and training seminars and reading the latest books in her field. Carla has worked with a wide range of species in animal shelter, veterinary, boarding kennel, doggy daycare, and wildlife rehabilitation settings. She became a Pat Miller Certified Trainer after completing a two-year dog training apprenticeship with world-renowned trainer and author Pat Miller and went on to teach basic good manners classes and coach other dog trainers at Peaceable Paws.  She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed and Certified Canine Behavior Consultant-Knowledge Assessed.  In addition to teaching good manners, Carla has experience handling a range of dog behavior challenges, including house soiling, destructive behavior, separation and other anxiety-related behaviors, building confidence in fearful dogs, and various types of aggression.  

Carla follows a modern, heavily academic, science-based, yet applied approach to dog training.  It's also more fun!

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